All the cutthroats and their jagged ends

Female. 21. Geek.
I work in a game shop and I spend my life watching, reading and playing. I am with a long term love and friend. I post utter shite.


Drive me Wilde (new blog!)

I've moved! New Tumblr.

I'm moving, to here! New tumblr, fresh start.

This is going to be my New Blog. I can promise anyone that follows that I will look at your blog. However I don't promise to follow if it's full of crap.

“Can the hungry go on a hunger strike? Non-violence is a piece of theatre. You need an audience. What can you do when you have no audience? People have the right to resist annihilation.”


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so perfectly put

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I don’t even know how the fuck to use tumblr anymore.

As a 21 year old female who isn’t after nudism, sexuality or any of the such trends on this blog, I just don’t know what to do.

I may just start again. From scratch.

Numero uno.

No followers, no past posts, and non of the crap I see day to day.


Hiroshi Yamauchi, the man who introduced the world to Super Mario — died this morning of pneumonia at a hospital in Japan.




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Alternative or Popular culture cross stitch kits

In the uk?